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How we as society have plunged ourselves into a climate crisis displays some of the worst of our humanity. The process of degrading the very environment that gives us life and ignoring the pain and suffering felt by those who must deal with the scraps of the mess we made. Yet, there is hope. Without pain we would never be able to understand the beauty of joy. The contrast of darkness and light creates a mosaic art piece of what I call humanity.  We possess the ability to be led by greed and selfishness, yet the worst parts of ourselves can transform into generosity and empathy. The case for climate resilience in Dominica is filled with dichotomies of darkness and the hope for light.

I hope throughout this project you can see that Dominica does not lack the capacity nor the creative will to become climate resilient. There are many bright minds in Dominica that can create long-term solutions.  Dominica is not on track to becoming the first climate resilient nation anytime soon, but that does not mean it can never reach its goal. A lot of work must still be done to improve Dominica’s institutional capacity to achieve its set target. The problem Dominica faces is to ensure that these thinkers have the tools, support, and resources to continue their work. Investing in the talents and skills of the population in Dominica and coordinating efforts on the local, regional, and international scale can give Dominica a legitimate opportunity to become a climate-resilient nation. The goal itself is far more important than the rate at which it is achieved.


View Red Rocks shot by Daniella Rolle

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